Audiovisual Systems for Yachts

Digital Media Distribution

Multi-Room Entertainment system integrated into your yacht via built-in cables/speakers and wall control keypads or via Wireless connectivity.

Audio- Video Sharing

Upload, share, playback and fully control music, images, videos or any other information, throughout your yacht  – on every deck,  with tailor-made solutions according to your needs.

Indoor & Outdoor TVs

TV displays and Outdoor TVs resistant to sea water, salt, rain, snow, humidity, moisture and heat along with almost any other possible weather conditions. Designed with automated and remote controlled lift/slide/tilt mechanisms very much in mind and if required we can remove the hassle and handle this as part of your installation enquiry.

Outdoor TV screens are compatible with all on board TV, Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi, audio/visual, lighting control, automation and CCTV security systems installed in all marine locations and  are perfect for queue management or digital signage installation in all outdoor maritime, naval, off shore and on board locations.

Mounting Systems

  • Fold down ceiling lift systems
  • Pop up lift systems for flat panels
  • Wall mounts for flat panels
  • Wall arms for flat panels
  • Tailor-made mounting solutions