With more than 50 years of experience, Panoutron understands the importance of delivering the best audiovisual solutions to meet the needs of its customers and end-users. Panoutron provides reliable, economical and fully functional integrated solutions, following high quality standards, excellent service, innovative technology and comprehensive services.

Our team experts works very close with each client in order to define their needs, priorities and provide audiovisual solutions that meet their time requirements and budget thus offer them a unique audiovisual experience for systems of any size.

Our areas of expertise include:

Video systems

From projectors, projection screens, and LED video walls up to complex conference systems, interactive whiteboards and specially designed TVs for hotels.

  • Projectors
  • Monitors
  • Projection Screens
  • AV Integrated Systems
  • Video/LED Walls
  • Video & Movie Servers
  • Digital Signage Systems
  • Teleconferencing
  • Interactive Boards and Monitors
  • Interfacing & Switching

Audio Systems

In cooperation with major international manufacturers, Panoutron provides advanced integrated solutions for high quality sound, for every particular requirement and need. Whether it is for residential applications, either for professional use, Panoutron`s systems find application in conference centers, auditoriums, theaters, training centers, schools, hotels, nightclubs, stadiums etc.

  • Professional sound systems
  • Home audio systems
  • Public address & voice evacuation systems
  • Audio distribution systems
  • Audio servers


Acoustic design and planning to measure, evaluate and control the quality of the final sound result, the noise and reverberations levels. Acoustic design includes design for concert halls, auditoriums, theaters, cinemas, opera houses, studios, churches, companies and private residences.

Conference Systems

Professional conference systems, simultaneous interpretation, video conferencing and electronic voting systems. Table, fixed or portable, wireless or wired, Panoutron`s systems can be combined in order to provide the best possible solution for each conference or meeting room.

  • Microphone Systems
  • Simultaneous Interpretation systems
  • Voting Systems
  • Audio Guide systems
  • Tour Guide systems
  • Wired & Wireless systems

Digital Signage Systems

Efficient, effective and targeted promotion messages with the ability to replicate content without the need for a separate media player. Synchronized content across multiple screens, regardless of size and layout. Ideal for retail, foodservice, airports and companies that are willing to invest in enhancing their awareness and attract customers easily, economically and efficiently.

  • Information Display System
  • Way Finding Display System
  • Meeting Room Management SW
  • Synchronized Content in Multiple Screens
  • Centralized Content  Management
  • Interactive Applications

Automation & Control Systems

Advanced technology Home Automation solutions that control anything electrical and provide energy saving and convenience. Throughout an easy-to-use graphical interface, control a large number of subsystems without the need of training or prior experience. Includes software and hardware that meet digital requirements for lighting, shading, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, security and audiovisual by integrating all different applications into one user-friendly front-end interface. Take control of every system in the house only with the use of one touch panel!

Control Systems for Home Automation, Campus & Building Control

  • Lighting Control
  • Climate / HVAC Control
  • Shading Control
  • AV Control
  • Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS)
  • Mobile Control
  • Touch Panels & Control Keypads
  • Wiring Accessories & Outlets

Home Cinema & Theaters

  • Projectors
  • Projection Screens
  • Surround Processors, Amplifiers & Speakers
  • DVD Players & Special Playback Equipment
  • Theater Seats
  • Acoustics


Satellite communication systems for residential and hotel applications. Distribution systems for terrestrial TV channels, Head - End systems, HD RF modulators & Video on Demand (VoD).

Simulation & Virtual Reality Systems

Integrated solutions based on innovative simulation and virtual reality systems: stereoscopic projections, 3D productions, training simulators and real time professional applications.

  • 4D/5D/6D Cinemas
  • Stereoscopic projection
  • Holographic and Volumetric Displays
  • Motion Capture and Tracking
  • 3D Productions
  • Real Time Graphic Clusters
  • Training Simulators

Control Room

Tailor-made, fully integrated solutions for control rooms and control centers. From digital screens and control panels to video monitors and special furniture, for every unique requirement and need.

  • Video walls 
  • Cube monitors 
  • LCD monitors Rear Projection Display Walls
  • Dedicated Furniture for Control Rooms
  • Multi-Viewers and Image Processors
  • Real-Time Video Over Networks
  • Audio and Video Recording
  • Interactive Display Systems
  • Software Integration
  • Signal Distribution
  • Control System Programming