D6215II 12 Channels Interpretation Host


  • Fully digital wireless transmission technology. System conforms to IEC61603, part 7.
  • 2-8MHz frequency band eliminates disturbance from all types of lighting systems.
  • The system provides multichannel 4/8/12/16 for optionHigh security, prevent external interference.
  • Elegant configuration in accordance to ergonomics.
  • 160×32 dot matrix LCD display system information.
  • Installation: 19-inch frame.


The digital IR language distribution system is a system for wireless distribution of audio signals via infrared radiation. It can be used in a simultaneous interpretation system for international conferences where multiple languages are used. To enable all participants to understand the discussion, interpreters simultaneously translate the speaker’s language as required. These interpretations are distributed throughout the conference venue, and delegates select the language of their choice and listen to it through head phones. The system can also be used for music distribution.